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Cryptoblades FAQs

To start playing Cryptoblades, you can choose one of the following purchase strategies:

  1. Low Budget - Great to start. If it's your first time in the game, you can recruit a character + Weapon for some Skill (the prices change all the time). If you've already recruited before, recruiting will only give you a new character.
  2. Marketplace - Good approach if you want to save some skill on characters, since they usually are cheaper or at least come at higher levels in the marketplace (which will give you higher battle rewards). You can also buy weapons, which will be more expensive than forging one, but at least you are sure to have a strong chance of winning all battles (as where forged weapons are randomly generated).

    Keep in mind that your weapon and your character must be of the same element for maximum battle efficiency (more on that ahead).

  3. Multiple character setup - Given that you may have up to 4 characters per account and 4 accounts, you can have a maximum of 16 characters. So just multiply the above starting budget for characters by the number of characters you want to have (all character can use the same weapon, so you will not need to buy 4 weapons!).

    Remember...the more characters you have, the greater and faster your return will be.

  4. Daily Spendings - An average of USD$0.22 is spent per battle, up to a maximum of 7 battles per day/character, so we have a daily expense of USD$1.54 for one character, or USD$6.16 for 4 characters, per day, and so on. These gas fees are automatically payed in BNB via your Metamask wallet.

    Each character has a maximum of 200 stamina, and to carry out a battle it is necessary to consume 40 stamina. Stamina recovers at a rate of 1 point every 5 minutes, which means that every 3h20m it is possible to battle again.

Playing Cryptoblades means you will need some Skill tokens to spend in the game, and those tokens can be purchased with BNB. In order to do so, just follow these steps:

  1. Create your Metamask account as well and install the browser extension
  2. Metamask wallets, by default, are configured for the Ethereum network so it's necessary to configure it to also accept BEP-20 (Binance) tokens. To do so, just follow these instructions.
  3. The end result should look something like this:

    Metamask BSC

    Fig.2 - Binance Smart Chain correctly configured and available on Metamask.

  4. Create a Binance account, purchase some BNB with the FIAT you just deposited (or buy it with some cryptocurrency, as you prefer) and withdraw the amount you wish to your Metamask wallet. Make sure you copy your address correctly!
    Metamask Address

    Fig.3 - Here you can see and copy your Metamask wallet address.

  5. In case you are using Metamask, it's possible to directly Swap your BNB into Skill in the application.

    Alternatively, you can do your swap at Swap | ApeSwap (which is a Decentralized Exchange, or DEX) by swapping your BNB to whatever amount you want to purchase in Skill.

    For for example, if you have 2 BNB on your wallet, swap around 1.8 to Skill and leave 0.2 BNB, which should be enough for around 2 weeks of gameplay (for 1 account with 4 characters).


    Fig.4 - This is where you will trade your BNB for Skill.

    It's very important to bear in mind that each action within the game (buy character, sell weapon, fight, etc..) is a transaction on the Binance blockchain, so you will need to leave some BNB on your Metamask wallet to pay for those gas fees, which come at an average of $0.22/transaction.

    Tx Example

    Fig.5 - An example of a transaction list.

  6. It is possible to have 4 characters per account in Metamask, up to a maximum of 4 accounts per Metamask wallet. This makes it possible to have 16 characters in the game (4 characters in each 4 accounts).
    Metamask Accounts

    Fig.7 - On the top right icon in the Metamask main screen, you can check your accounts and create new ones.

  7. Oh no! I just swapped BNB for some Skill but it doesn't show up on my what?

    Calm down, just add the CryptoBlades token in "Add Token", on Metamask, with Skill's contract id.

  8. Add Token

    Fig.8 - How to add new tokens to your Metamask wallet.

Once you have enough Skill in your virtual wallet, you can start playing Cryptoblades.

You will have the option to create a character for some amount Skill, and if you're a first time user there will be some promotional campaign made available to you (i.e. $30 worth of Skill for in-game purchases, 5 Skill, etc...). Game promotions are payed with in-game balance that can only be used to Forge weapons or recruit new characters.

Another alternative is to buy directly from the Marketplace (consider it a second hand asset). One way to optimize your costs is to create the first character to earn your promotional in-game balance, and buy any other assets directly from the market. Make sure your characters and weapons are all of the same element...we will cover this further ahead.

Recruit Character

Fig.9 - Recruiting a new character in the Plaza menu.

Forge Weapon

Fig.10 - Forging a new weapon in the Blacksmith menu.


Fig.11 - How your Marketplace search looks like.

There are 4 elements in the game: Water, Earth, Fire and Electric. Each element has an advantage over another as shown in the image below:
Game Elements

Fig.12 - How each element has advantage over the other.

If you choose all characters of the same element, you can use the same weapon for all, thus optimizing your chances to win battles and your cost/return. The more characters you have, the greater your return. Below is an example of the difference between having 1 character or 4 characters per day at level 1 with a 4 star weapon, considering the Skill quote at $34.96.
Earnings Calculator

Fig.13 - Your in-game earnings simulator.

Each character and weapon is an NFT, so if you go to your wallet you will see that there is a token with the name CBC or CBW. If you have 4 characters, 4 CBC will appear. If you happen to sell any of your characters, your CBC tokens go down by 1 and the amount for which it was sold reverts to your wallet as Skill token.
You can check XP level information and ladders right here. To avoid unnecessary costs, I recommend making the XP CLAIM only when you have enough XP to go up from level 1 to 11, 11 to 21, 21 to 31, etc, because only every 10 levels does your power increase by 1000, and every 1000 power means an extra bonus from a battle victory. Just click on your character's name as shown below to CLAIM XP for all characters at the same time. Again, to optimize spending, make sure all characters have enough XP to level up to the next +10 level.
XP Bar

Fig.14 - Your XP bar, where you can also level up your characters. Remember that claiming your XP will level up all characters!

Fig.15 - Your character's Power rating.

Your enemy's power will be scaled according to your power + weapon. If you make the CLAIM XP and level up, your character will get stronger but so will your enemies. The same applies if you buy a better weapon.
When going to battle, you will choose your character and your weapon. When that's done, 4 enemies will displayed with random power and element. The XP you can receive will range from 28 to 34, depending on the difficulty of the fight.
XP Bar

Fig.16 - Choose the weapon you wanna battle with. Remember to pair Elements between character and weapon!

Fig.17 - Time to get'em!!

Each battle is a transaction on the BSC, with an average gas cost of $0.22. The gas fee is constant regardless of the outcome of the battle, so you will always spend $0.22 wether you win it or not. It is therefore more profitable to always choose the battles with the greatest chance of winning and not necessarily the ones with the greatest XP return.

Use this simulator to estimate the win or loss probability of each battle. If your weapon doesn't have Weapon Bonus Power or Stat 3 power, just put the value 0.

If the 4 generated enemies are too strong or you don't have a good chance of victory, just wait until the next hour passes for new and potentially more accessible randomly generated enemies to be listed (eg it's 2:30 pm, the 4 generated enemies put me in combats that don't favor me and the chance of winning is less than 90%. Just wait until 3:00 pm and 4 new combats will be available). I recommend going for a winning chance greater than 90% for greater profitability.

In order to optimize your combat power, the character and weapon must be of the same element. Hovering the mouse over the weapon will show its complete stats.

In the example below, we see that the element is earth and has extra attributes of DEX (earth) and STR (fire). Its power will increase if the weapon in question has any of the attributes that are equal to the weapon element and your character.


Fig.18 - Example for a 4 star Earth weapon.

Your enemy's power will be a random value based on how much power you have, so if your character uses a stronger weapon, the enemy will be stronger but your reward will also be better.

The algorithm that calculates your character's power is based on the following formula:

Battle Formula

Fig.19 - The algorithm that determines your chance of victory.

In other words, it's very important that the pair weapon + character are of the same element. If one of the weapon's attributes is also of the same element, it will be multiplied by 1.07, otherwise, it will be multiplied by 1.

On a 4 star weapon that has 2 attributes, always look for one that has the same weapon's attribute + high value. As Power multiplies by 1.03 and any element other than yours will multiply by 1, look for the one with the highest value and the best price (eg 300 power x 1.03 = 309 and 300 fire x 1 = 300, so they will the have same impact if fire attribute is 309, for this example).

The same formula applies for 3 star weapons and 5 star weapons, which have 1 and 3 attributes, respectively.

To forge a weapon just go to Blacksmith and click on Forge. The cost is 0.2 Skill and any weapon from 1 to 5 stars can come with the following probabilities:

Forge Percentages

Fig.20 - Forge Weapon Percentages.

So you can either spend money forging and try your luck or go to the Marketplace and buy some weapon.

Each weapon is an NFT, so if you go to your wallet, you will see that there is a token named CBW. If you have 4 weapons, 4 CBW will appear. If you happen to sell a weapon someday, you have 3 CBW and the amount for which it is sold goes to your Skill token.

To find out if it's worth it or not, you have to do some simulations using the game's "Earnings Calculator", which simulates how much you would get for a 3 star weapon and compare it to what you would get for a 4 star weapon.

Fig.21 - Predicted extra income for your next milestone level (meaning every 10 levels).

Below is presented a simulation where we will have an estimated profit of $144.27 for the case of winning every game.

Earnings Calculator 2

Fig.22 - Simulation example using a 3 star weapon with the same element as your character and with an equal attribute, in this case INT.

To find out if it's worth buying a 4 star weapon, do the same simulation and see how much more you would get per day.

In this example, we have an estimated profit of $161.96 if all daily matches are won, which will lead to an increase of $17.69 in profit. Take into account, for example, that a 4 star weapon costs an average of 7 Skill, which at the current rate of conversion would be around $315.98, and that this amount would be paid back with earnings in about 17 days, however, the amount of reward per battle should increase when you go up to level 31, so you might break-even sooner than simulated.

Earnings Calculator 3

Fig.23 - Same simulation for a 4 star weapon.
To improve a weapon, you can Reforge a weaker weapon to optimize any other weapon you like. To do this, just click on the weapon you want to improve, click on Reforge and choose the weapon you want to destroy. The chosen weapon will be destroyed so that the weapon of your choice receives a power boost that will appear in Bonus Power.

Each weapon has up to 100 LB points to be added for 1 to 3 star weapons. Each 1 star and 2 star weapon that is going to be destroyed adds 1 LB, and a 3 star weapon adds 2 LB. Each LB adds 15 power points to the weapon, up to a total of 1500 bonus Power. A 4 star weapon, when destroyed to improve a new weapon, can give up to 25 4LB, and each 4LB adds 30 points up to a total of 750 bonus power. A 5 star weapon, when destroyed to improve a new weapon, can give up to 10 5LB, and each 5LB adds 60 points up to a total of 600 bonus power.


Fig.24 - The reforge screen.
The amount you buy in Skill through APESWAP will go into your Total Balance. However, we also have the Skill IN GAME amounts, which are the amounts you can win by staking your rewards (which is what you receive for each battle and has not yet been claimed).
Total Balance

Fig.25 - Your total balance.
For every battle you win, this reward amount will be increased. The reward blaance cannot be used for purchases or sales (in of off game) until the CLAIM of its value is made.

Fig.26 - Your battle victory rewards are kept in a separate Rewards section.
If you want to withdraw your rewards balance, you will have to pay an initial fee of 15%, which will decrease by 1% each day. In order to maximize your return, you should withdraw every 2 weeks to avoid paying unnecessary fees.

Another alternative is to STAKE your rewards balance for 7 days and receive 10% of interest Skill to be spent IN GAME, which is made available immediately. The value you put on STAKE cannot be used during those 7 days, and you can only STAKE the amount of Skill you have in Rewards and not the one that has balance!


Fig.27 - The staking option.
In order to do this, just select the second option "SKILL FOR SKILL" and then put in "STAKE ALL OF UNCLAIMED REWARDS"

Fig.28 - Stake those gains and get that sweet 10% immediately.
From the moment you STAKE, 7 days of locked balance will start counting. It is advisable to just make one more STAKE on the last day of the 7 day count in order to save gas fees (i.e. I STAKED those 10.58 Skill now, and a 7 day counter will start. The next day I have 4 more Skill to CLAIM and I want to earn +10% from Skill IN GAME. No need to STAKE at this time, the best thing is to wait until 6 days go by and make another single STAKE with all I earned in the past 6 days. The 7 day counter will never reset until a whole week went by since that first staking).

After 7 days, you can UNSTAKE your locked balance and the amount goes straight back into your BALANCE without paying any fees.

The best way to find out is by going to the Marketplace and looking for weapons that are similar to yours, as the values will change according to supply and demand.
To sell a weapon you have to go to the market and click on List NFTs. After that, just click on the weapon or character you want to sell and put in the value you want to sell it for (i.e 3.50 - you cannot use a comma!). If you want to change the sale's value or even cancel it, just go to Search NFTs and enter your asset ID (only the number). If you don't know the ID just go to BSCScan, put your address in and check out your assets.
Yes, to send a character just use this link and click on Connect to web3 to link your wallet.
Web 3 Connect

Fig.29 - The web3 interface.
After that just go to form 13 and input the address of who is sending the character, the address of who will receive it, and finally the ID of the character you want to send. To make this work, the wallet address that will be connected to the above mentioned website must be the Metamask account where the asset is located at. It is important to bear in mind that each account can have a maximum of 4 characters, so if you send a character to an account that is already "full", your traded NFT will be lost forever. Also be aware that the character in question must not be blocked for transfer.

To transfer a weapon, use this link, select form 16 and you input your address, the address of who will receive the asset and the weapon ID. Also be aware that the weapon in question must not be blocked for transfer.

If this screen appears for you, cancel the transaction since it means there's something wrong with what you are trying to do.
Transaction Error

Fig.30 - Watch out, you're not supposed to pay that much for gas fees...

This error can occur for several reasons:

  • You're trying to buy a character or weapon that has already been purchased on the marketplace
  • You're trying to transfer a character or a weapon and have misplaced some ID while attempting to transfer the asset
  • You're trying to transfer from a wallet that is not yours
  • You're trying to sell a weapon or character within 24 hours of buying it

Usually, that error message means that your transaction has not been approved because your selected gas fees are too low. Try increasing the Gas Limit a little bit it will do the trick!
Gas Fees Error

Fig.31 - Even with enough balance, your transaction might be rejected due to low gas fees.

Glossary and Key Concepts

  • Wallet - The wallet is an online secure address where all your cryptocurrency will be stored. To play Cryptoblades, you will need BNB (the cryptocurrency that's used to pay for gas fees in the Binance Smart Chain) and Skill (the in-game currency).
  • Fiat - Money that is a government-issued currency (i.e. Euro, USD, BRL, etc..)
  • Metamask - Tool that allows users to store and manage account keys, broadcast transactions, send and receive blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and tokens and securely connect to decentralized applications through a compatible web browser or the mobile app's built-in browser.
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC) - Binance's Blockchain implementation, on which all transactions between wallet addresses will occur.
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX) - A decentralized exchange is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers. What this means is that you may swap/trade one widely used and accepted cryptocurrency for another one that was registered by, say, a smaller or more recent cryptocurrency-issuer by means of a DEX. In contrast to centralized exchanges (CEXs), decentralized platforms are non-custodial, meaning a user remains in control of their private keys when transacting on a DEX platform.
  • Gas Fees - Every transaction that occurs within a blockchain comes at a computational cost required to execute specific operations on the blockchain. Gas fees are the way to pay for those transactions.
  • Staking - It's basically putting your cryptocurrency on hold while gaining some interest over what could be or not be a fixed period of time.
  • NFT - NFT stands for "non-fungible token." An NFT is basically data that is stored or accounted for in a digital ledger/Blockchain, and that data represents something specific. An NFT can, for example, represent a piece of art, a music album or other types of digital files. In Cryptoblades, NFTs are your playable characters and weapons.